Chris Gillette is a wildlife biologist, photographer, and exotic animal handler born and raised in Florida where he has spent a lifetime working hands-on with crocodiles, alligators, venomous snakes, pythons, sharks and many other animals. He has been a professional alligator wrestler for over a decade and his ability to understand their behavior allows him to interact with these animals in novel and exciting ways, such as handling large gators and crocs underwater. No cages, no guns, just behavioral knowledge and reflexes. These skills have brought him to appear on film projects for Discovery Channel, History Channel, E!, and Travel Channel as well as numerous local and foreign networks. He has a bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies from FIU in Miami with several academic publications in the field of invasive species biology, as well as numerous publications in popular literature highlighting award winning photography and stories. His passion for being close to wildlife is matched by his conservation message, that these animals need our protection and it is possible to coexist and even interact with these potentially deadly predators if you can understand them.