HECS Aquatic can design you a Custom made Stealthsuit. Made to measure your exact fit. These suits can come in 1.5mm, 3mm, 5mm or 7mm. You can choose one of the below colours or prints or discuss with us how to tailor design your very own custom print.

Please fill out the email form at the bottom of the page for further information or to
Download our "made to measure spec sheet" here.

Custom suits all come in Yamamoto neoprene #39 unless otherwise requested. 

Prices for our standard colours and designs below all include suit gloves and boots for FREE.  Note pricing excludes shipping:

1.5 mm USD$920.00*

3.0mm USD$970.00*

5.0mm USD$995.00*

7.0mm USD1050.00*

*HECS glove and boots are both included in this price