Dive now pay later


Get the HECS Stealthsuit you've always wanted -- now more affordable than ever!

We've got great news for our spearo friends! We've rolled out a new way to upgrade your diving kit to a HECS Stealthsuit -- with no financing forms, no interest added, and no additional costs whatsoever.

HECS  Spearos!

We love our spearo mates so much that we decided to help as many of you as possible to experience the amazing impact our HECS Stealthsuits can have on your hunts.If your budget's been holding you back from getting one of our advanced technology wetsuits, we're committed to making it easier on your bank account with a special promotion which is available to subscribers of our newsletter, available until August 30th, 2017.

Take Advantage of Our Zero-Interest Payment Plans  

Getting a HECS Stealthsuit is easy as:

  1. Choose any of our HECS wetsuits with Stealthscreen technology. That's right -- even a custom suit!

  2. Skip the finance forms or the interest rate on your credit card. Leave it to HECS instead.

  3. Pay in three equal instalments. 

  4. On the first payment instalment, we'll ship your HECS Stealthsuit immediately.

  5. Then, just pay off the balance of your suit over the next two months.

Don't miss out on all the benefits a HECS Stealthsuit can bring to your game.


Same HECS Stealthscreen Technology, Easier on Your Bank Account  

Now's your chance to get the advanced technology that a HECS Stealthsuit you've been keen on. These are the same suits worn by elite spearos -- now within your reach. Shop our line of standard wetsuits or get a suit custom made to your specifications.

Our HECS Stealthsuit is the only solution that employs our patented technology enhancing the dive experience by helping to disguise your detectability by marine life.  Out suits provide exceptional value which includes providing the gloves and boots within the suit cost.

So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your gear by ordering your HECS Stealthsuit now!

Email us at info@hecsaqautic.com to apply for “DIVE NOW PAY LATER” and our friendly staff at HECS Aquatic will put your deal together.

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