Dive now pay later

We've got great news for our spearo friends! We've rolled out a new way to upgrade your diving kit to a HECS Stealthsuit -- with no financing forms, no interest added, and no additional costs whatsoever.

HECS wetsuits come with boots and gloves included in the price.Getting a HECS

Stealthsuit is easy as:

  1. Choose any of our HECS wetsuits with Stealthscreen technology. That's right -- even a custom suit!
  2. Pay in three equal instalments.
  3. On the first payment instalment, we'll ship your HECS Stealthsuit immediately.
  4. Then, just pay off the balance of your suit over the next two months.
  5. Email to info@hecsaquatic.com and we will send out the details that will confirm your purchase.
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Have a HECSceptional day,

Warren Bird