The HECS Stealthscreen is the only wetsuit in the world that makes your body's electrical signals virtually undetectable to marine life.

The Problem: Many Marine Species Can Detect Human Energy Fields

Diving professionals know that it can be difficult to approach many marine species, no matter how carefully you swim or camouflage yourself because they have electroreceptors. These specialized sensory organs can detect even minute changes in their local electrical fields. Sharks, lobsters, rays, eels, sturgeons, and some dolphins have this electric sensitivity.

The human body generates electricity during muscle movement - particularly the heart and large muscles like glutes, lats, and quads. Our brains also emit small amounts of electricity. Even though the human energy signature is small, it can still be detected by marine species who take flight when approached.

The Answer? HECS Patented Stealthscreen Technology

To address this electroreception problem for diving professionals, HECS Aquatic developed a patented Stealthscreen technology that incorporated the “Faraday cage principle” into the fabric of the wetsuit. The HECS Stealthscreen Wetsuit contains a mesh of conductive carbon fibre which neutralises the human body’s electrical fields.

In terms of electroreception, the HECS Stealthscreen Wetsuit conceals the human energy field, allowing you to get closer to marine life more than you ever imagined.

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US Patent Number 8203129.

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