Marine biologist Riley Elliott demonstrates how the patented HECS Stealthscreen technology dampens human energy signals.

Wildlife adventurer and conservationist Forrest Galante films an incredible encounter with the highly venomous Stone Scorpionfish while wearing the HECS Stealthscreen Wetsuit.

See how easy it is to order a HECS Custom Stealthscreen Wetsuit and watch the attention to detail that goes into creating them.

Incredible underwater film of spearfisher Justin Lee on an underwater hunt wearing the HECS Stealthscreen Wetsuit.

Two and a half minutes of HD spearo action shot by divers in HECS Stealthscreen Wetsuits.

Cinematic underwater photography shot by divers wearing HECS Stealthscreen Wetsuits - watch sea creatures like baby sea turtles, a whale shark, and seals, set to an inspiring soundtrack.

Tag along with HECS Team Divers Jaga Crossingham and Michael Dornellas as they film a spectacular day of spearfishing, courtesy of their HECS Stealthscreen Wetsuits.

Follow marine biologist Riley Elliott as he proves the usefulness of his HECS Stealthscreen Wetsuit for interacting with crayfish, controlling for other variables.

Gorgeous up-close shark photography underscores this video of marine biologist Riley Elliott explaining how the need for HECS Stealthscreen technology arose from the need to get closer to marine life.

Watch what happens when a shark interrupts “Shark Man” Riley Elliott and fellow spearo Justin Lee hunting kingfish in their HECS Stealthscreen Wetsuits.

Filmmaker Florian Fischer gets some fantastic HD footage of hammerheads and other sharks in his HECS Stealthscreen Wetsuit.

The Terra Australis film team, featuring Andre Rerekura, put the HECS Stealthscreen Wetsuit to the test in the beautiful waters off West Australia.

Wearing the HECS Stealthscreen Wetsuit, marine biologist Riley “Shark Man” Elliott gets close enough to a lobster to allow it to walk up his hand.


TVNZ’s Seven Sharp programme follows wildlife adventurer Forrest Gallente wearing the HECS Stealthscreen Wetsuit as he dares to literally rub elbows with saltwater crocodiles.