All my life I've loved the outdoors and enjoyed the ocean. Being born and raised in Hawaii has allowed me to explore the best of both worlds. I started hunting from the early age of 7 years old and started spearfishing around that time. At a young age I competed in many sports/hobbies and excelled with great compassion. At 15years old I landed my first spearfishing sponsorship from a local company named Aimrite. At that moment I knew I wanted to grow up to be one of the best like Kimi Werner. When bouncing back from traveling for collegiate sports I always felt like I left a little part behind being so far from the ocean. With that being said the moment I got back I was in my truck heading to the beach or the mountain. After 2 years of playing collegiate golf I was unable to continue playing after an injury. When that happened the only thing I could do was dive, which helped me recover and rebuild my back strength. Currently I manufacture Aimrite spearguns in Kailua-Kona, HI. I'm still pursuing my dream of Spearfishing and incredibly blessed to be welcomed by the HECS family.

2016 Kona Coast Spearfishing 2nd place
2016 Gene Higa 2nd place
2016 New Zealand interpac 2nd place
2015 Kona coast Spearfishing 1st place
2015 Gene Higa 1st place
2015 New Calidonia Interpac 1st place
2015 Hawaiian Open 4th place
2014 Kona coast Spearfishing Woman's 1st place
2014 Bluewater hunter 1st place
2014 National Spearfishing Championship 1st place Mixed Team
2014 National Spearfishing Championship 1st place Woman's 
2014 Hawaiian Open 6th place
2013 Kona Coast Woman's 1st place

Records Hawaii - Womans:
Ulua-Giant Trevally 
Mu-Big eye emperor 
Moana kali 
Joe Lewis 
Kagami Ulua
Yellow Spot Ulua
Knife Jaw
Great Barracuda
Rainbow Runner