Thanks to my parents owning a windsurfing and water sports business i was practically born in the water. I was introduced to spearfishing and free diving at a very young age. My grandfather used to come in from spearfishing around the coast of portugal with his catch when i was just a child and its always impressed me.  I would play and swim in the tide pools catching small crabs and even octopus for dinner while i waited for him to return. My grandmother was a swimming instructor so i was a top swimmer having the best instruction around. I remember i always loved challenging friends to breath holds. I Loved that i was better then everyone i knew at swimming free diving since i sucked at all American land sports. My grandmother was also an animal lover rescuing every animal in distress and i soon followed her path. I raised wildlife that was injured and raised baby birds that had been kicked out of their nests.  
Around the age of 8 i speared my first fish in the bahamas. I fell in love with the clear, warm water and all the life around, It shaped my very existence. I surfed, Speared, Windsurfed, and worked with animals, for the majority of my young life.
I moved to Andros bahamas when i was 23 and lived there till the age of 28. Andros Bahamas gave me so much freedom to spear, Freedive, and live a very simple life. It wasn't till i was 30 that i picked up my first underwater camera. My love for animals, water, and free diving combined with my love to take pictures and film came together perfectly enabling me to capture the beauty that lies just beneath the surface. 
This is a short story of who i am and how i became the person i am today. Life is beautiful in every form, Im just trying to see it, and film it all before i die.