Big Island, Hawaii born and raised, Mike is fairly new to his passion for photography. Trading his gun for a camera on a whim one day while spearfishing lead to whole other world of possibilities and opportunities previously unimagined. Preferring to shoot while freediving only, he’s embraced the freedoms (and limitations) that eschewing the scuba side of things provides. Unlike many of his contemporaries Mike hasn’t been diving since childhood. Although an innate love for the ocean always resided within him, he was late to join the free diving universe but took to it instantly becoming enamored of all aspects of the discipline from spearfishing to competitive freediving.

Mike’s photographic subjects vary widely and range anywhere from bikini models to pet portraits but the majority of his work takes place well below the oceans surface. When asked why he’s chosen to focus on such a niche field he answered “I get to see the most incredible things on an almost daily basis. Things that most people don’t even know exist. To go ahead and share that with family, friends, and the rest of the world via social media and to see the reactions of wonderment and sheer joy is extremely satisfying. To not do so seems almost negligent...”

When he’s not in the water Mike is an avid fan and practitioner of Judo and Jiu jitsu. He is also a huge fan of crafting cocktails (bartender by trade) and of writing overly wordy bio pieces written in a third person perspective.