My love for the ocean and it’s life began as far back as I can remember. This young fella, with an immense fascination for Great Whites, that would have me sitting on headlands for hours on end. Watching the waves come crashing in, with hopes of one day catching a glimpse of even a dorsal fin. 

Coming from a family who weren’t very involved with the ocean, it was strange that I grew up with sharks and the ocean imprinted into my brain. The ocean was my life, I just needed to let it come flooding in. 

These gates were opened when I was introduced to Spearfishing by a life long friend, the better part of a decade ago. We’ve grown together, pushing one another to become the divers we are today. 

Since then, my knowledge for the ocean has grown ten fold. I have travelled all over the world spearfishing, learning from new friends, filming and growing my respect for ocean life and its health. 

I have now not only seen dorsal fins break the surface, but have spent countless hours in the water with all sorts of species of sharks, interacting, observing and learning their behaviors.

Interactions I have encountered myself, and also opportunities given to me by Hecs, in ‘The Day In the Life of Riley Elliott’.

My next chapter has now begun after being given the opportunity to join the Hecs team in December, 2017, and becoming the first Australian member. 

The knowledge and experience of this team spreads to the far corners of the globe, and the possibilities to continue to learn and grow stretch as far as the endless blues.

Timmy Knight. South East Coast of Australia.