Spencer Haskins moved to the Island of Oahu in 2002, there he swam for The University of Hawaii at Manoa for 4 years.  After his first year on the team, during an off-season practice; his surfing buddy and best friend died tragically right at the pool during practice.  Looking for ways to cope with the loss, Spencer picked up his first speargun from a Sporting Goods store.  Since that day, Haskins has been freediving and spearfishing consistently.  He met his wife on Kauai, lived on Oahu until 2012.  Now to present day, Spencer is a Husband, and proud father of two; he lives on Hawaii Island in the district of Puna. Where he enjoys some of his favorite activities; which include: All types of Hunting, Spearfishing, and Surfing.  Haskins joined up with HECS aquatic in September of 2015.  He has a very deep respect for the land he lives on; along with the body of water that surrounds and run through it.  Haskins is also the first competitive spearo to wear HECS in competitions.  He is well decorated and holds some current species records for both speargun and 3prong spear for the State of Hawaii.